Facing Defamation In The Age Of The Internet

Over the years my family, businesses and I have been subjected to relentless defamation and harassment from political figures and business rivals to whom we have stood up. In the internet age, even the most baseless and partial content can have far-reaching and enduring consequences. Having endured for many years this proliferation of false information about me emanating, in large part, from Rwanda, my country of birth, and its state-controlled media, I was eventually forced to take action. In February 2019, I instructed Legal 500, and Chambers and Partners-ranked law firm, Brett Wilson LLP, a London-based leader in defamation, online harassment, and data protection litigation. They set about upholding my reputation and information rights, including by:

Identifying prejudicial data processing

Achieving the removal and/or rectification of inaccurate or outdated information about
me and my businesses, in particular on some of the most known compliance databases

Successfully asserting defamation claims in respect of false and defamatory publications


Providing correct and counterbalancing information on our behalf

Brett Wilson LLP delivered. Our hard-earned reputation which was suffering significantly before the firm came onboard, is now restored.  I highly recommend Brett Wilson LLP’s accomplished and enthusiastic team that fought for us with results that speak for themselves.

I invite anyone interested in learning more about our work with Brett Wilson LLP and its partner, Max Campbell, who has led the efforts on our behalf, to contact them directly:

Max Campbell 
Tel: 020 7183 8950 | Email: max.campbell@brettwilson.co.uk