Time To Retire

As is often said, retirement is what you make of it. One thing is for sure – I will not sit on the couch bored and wondering what to do in my retirement. There are plenty of options out there. Top of my retirement agenda is the Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa Foundation (TRA Foundation) which performs philanthropic work on my behalf in countries where I did business.

Through the TRA Foundation, I envisioned creating a foundation that focuses on helping those closest to my heart: African youth with drive and determination seeking opportunities to gain skills for improved employability.

The TRA Foundation had one main goal at the outset, namely, providing internships to African youths to give them the practical, hands-on experience they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive job markets.

It also awards scholarships to those African kids with very high IQ but without resources to continue their education.

I confess that I have another passion to occupy my retirement agenda – raising cattle. There is nothing better in life than waking up on a cattle farm and witnessing the peacefulness that comes with these occasions. Watching young calves run in the pastures of African green grass is to die for. Here comes Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, the former African businessman turned into an African cattle keeper (umushumba in our language).